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Today we are saying goodbye to our West Coast Queen Bee, Alex. Alex has been in the Pigeonhole family for around 6 years and has seen it morph and grow. He’s also one of the coolest people you’ll meet in all of Pigeon land, so we thought we’d find out a bit more about him before he leaves the nest and joins the ranks of famous Pigeon alumni around the globe!


So, Alex, what to people call you?

I go by many names; Alex, A, Al and my personal favourite Queen Alex or Jonbenet

How did you become a Pigeon?

I think I ended up as a Pigeon when we opened that huge 140 pop-up during Christmas time 2012. I believe this was the first big store in Pigeonhole History. I remember working under Dani and Thom in the Jewellery section where my main task was to make it look fab and make sure people weren't trashing the tables or trying the earrings on. Ugh.

What’s your favourite part about being a Pigeon?

I think one of the most rewarding things about this job is that you get to work with such diverse, creatively minded people that you actually want to hang out with. In past jobs I've always found there to be a disconnection between work friends and actual friends, but here I've found myself actually becoming close with a whole bunch of people. 

So finally after 6 years you’re going to be leaving the nest. No more opening stores, cleaning out stock rooms, or redoing rosters in the middle of the night! What on earth will you be doing with all that time?

I'm about to start a new job working in Marketing and Partnerships with an arts organisation which will be fab. I've also been keeping busy working on a bunch of fun projects on the side for different organisations because I simply cannot sit still and do nothing.

Sounds like you’ll have a fair bit on! I’m curious to know what you do in your downtime. What does your ideal weekend look like?

Sleeping in. Fussing over the state of my house. Buying house plants. Baking. Trying out new places to eat. Quite possible consuming many glasses of red wine.

OK so are you a city person or country person?

Definitely the city. My favourite city would have to be Tokyo. :)

Beach or Bush?

I'd rather the bush over the beach. I'm picturing the cute inlet in Denmark, WA right now. 

Favourite childhood outfit?

Anything my grandma used to make. She used to make lots of knitted matching outfits for me and my younger brother.

 Favourite musical genre?

I very much like the 80's and 90's. Janet Jackson's Control album is very much the vibe currently.

 Nice! Have you got a go to karaoke song?

I have two actually. The first one is 'Summer Rain' by Belinda Carlisle. HAHAHAHA. The second one would have to be 'Free your mind' by En Vogue. So Iconic.

Haha great! Hope you'll invite us out for a singalong sometime soon Alex. Sounds like a lot of fun! So, over the course of 6 years you’ve seen a lot of Pigeonhole stores come and go in Perth right? Have you got a favourite one?

My favourite Pigeonhole store would have to be Shop 7 in Shafto Lane. Was the first store is visited when I moved back to Perth from a longish stint overseas. Had the best conversation with Louwellyn. 

Oooh we love and miss Louwellyn and that store too! Maybe we can interview her sometime to find out what she’s up to! Any other Pigeons past or present that you’d like us to interview?

I would like to nominate Jordan. She manages our Fremantle store. All rounded gun and quite possible the realest person I know. I have so much love for her. AND Old m8 Thomas T! I'm sure he's been up to so many fun things as of late. :)

What's one thing you learnt during your time here at Pigeonhole?

There are many lessons to be learnt here. One would definitely be that nothing's too small or big of a job for anyone - we're all in it together. Another thing worth mentioning is that we never seem to say no to a challenge. We all somehow just rally behind it and make it happen. 

Any words of advice you'd like to give our Pigeon clan?

I think it's the age old saying: Good things come to those who wait. Actually, more like: Good things take time. For some reason I constantly need to remind myself to be patient because I simply want it all and can't always have it all? Eugh.

Finally, on your last day here at Pigeonhole is there anything you want to say to your Pigeon fam or customers past and present?

Ahhh, It's such a weird thought saying goodbye. To all of my pigeon family; I wish you nothing but love and success. Don't be a stranger! Don't ignore me when you see me walking down the street or drinking at some bar. I will most likely see most of you WA pigeons around and very often. More importantly, go out there and pursue your dream!

Alex is definitely a man about Perth, thankfully he’s not going to be too far away so if you’ve been lucky enough to have been served by him in store over the years make sure you pop into our Murray Street store today to wish him well! Otherwise I’m sure you can track him down on social media or at a theatre show or art launch somewhere, this town ain’t big enough for you to hide from us! We’re gonna miss you Alex! But remember, once a Pigeon, always a Pigeon!


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