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DO YOU SUCK AT SUCCULENTS? Well, we’re here to help! Here are our three top tips for indoor succulent success!
Before starting your plant journey, it’s important to consider what kind of succulent is going to suit you and your home.
Are you going to be keeping your plant indoors somewhere relatively dark or is it going to be out on your balcony in full sun? Are you an over-waterer or are you likely to forget to water at all? Like all living things, succulents have different needs and tolerances! It’s important to that those into consideration before diving into plant parenthood.
You generally will want to ensure your succulents are getting as much light as possible, especially in coming into winter!
When kept outdoors, succulents need about 6 hours of indirect sunlight every day. The best way to replicate this indoors is to keep your succulent close to a window that gets light all day (or just the brightest area or window that you have!). Not got a super bright window? Don’t fret! Succulents will continue to grow in a low light setting - they just won’t look as vibrant. It takes over a year for a succulent to die from lack of light. If you’re new to the indoor plant game, it’s generally a good idea to start with something naturally green as succulents with bright colours (reds, purples, oranges, etc.) tend not to do as well indoors, requiring a lot direct sun. If you’re succulent isn’t getting enough light, it may start to “stretch”, spreading out it’s leaves and bending towards the light.
Both over-watering and under-watering can be fatal for succulents, so it may take some careful experimenting to see what works for your plants!
How often you need to water your succulents will depend a lot on your environment. If you live somewhere quite humid, you may only need to water them once a week or less. If you live somewhere dry, your succulents are going to need water every four days or so.
The best way to water a succulent is to completely soak the soil and not water it again until the soil is completely dry. Succulents hate having wet feet. To avoid this, ensure your pot has a proper drainage hole and that you’re using soil that drains effectively. Using a spray bottle to water your succulents is not recommended as it doesn’t encourage the growth of new roots.
Have any specific succulent questions? Let us know! We’d love to try help you out.
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