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Here at Pigeonhole, we’re pretty enthusiastic about the act of giving. We love nothing more than helping our friends find gifts for their loved ones that are not only a joy to receive, but exciting to give! There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve found the perfect present, especially for someone who is often hard to shop for!

From our experience, men can be hard to shop for. Especially dads! So, with Father’s Day quickly approaching, we’ve whipped up a little guide that does the hard work for you and suggests the perfect, personal present for your Dad – no matter his interests or style! Old dads, new dads, red dads, blue dads! We’ve got something for ALL dads! Here's some recommendations!



If your Dad is environmentally conscious, then he is going to love the missions behind these brands and their products! 

Made by Fressko – TRIP 450mL Bamboo Flask, $44.95

Keeping things simple and sustainable, this bamboo flask is made entirely of high-quality, durable materials! Whether your Dad is into tea, coffee, water or even soup, this insulated flask will keep his beverage of choice cold for 12 hours or hot for 6!

Life Cykel - Mushroom Kit, $29.95

Prepared with coffee ground wastes from local cafes in Fremantle, this do-it-yourself Oyster Mushroom Kit works to regain that home-grown feeling. Simply add water and watch the most sustainable protein source in the world grow.



Always find your dad cooking up a next level storm in the kitchen? He needs one of these!

Rivsalt – BBQ, $55

If your dad is a BBQ king ready to take his grilling to the next level, we recommend this gastronomical extravaganza! Simply add oil and heat to this block of Himalayan salt to create a cooking surface that completely transforms your dish – whether meat, fish, shellfish or vegetables!  

Rivsalt – Original, $59.95

Rivsalt’s got your Dad covered for kitchen aesthetic as well as taste! With an untreated natural oak stand, a Japanese stainless steel grater and a beautiful pink Himalayan salt rock, this gift is as much a table centrepiece as it is a gourmet sensation.



Is your dad out working hard on that 9 to 5 grind? No socks and jocks this year, he deserves a treat!

Simple Watch Co – Earl Watch, $229

Is your Dad all about those understated details? Then, this one’s for him! With a full-grained leather strap, quartz movements and scratch resistant sapphire glass, this time piece will take control of Dad’s style as well as his schedule.  

Bellroy – Slim Sleeve, $99.95

For the Dad that doesn’t have time to mess around with coins or receipts! The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is designed to reduce wallet bulk, holding 4 – 12 cards, with two quick access slots for the essentials. The wallet is small in size (80 x 95mm) and made from premium, environmentally certified leather!



If your dad loves to (or maybe you love him to) smell as fresh as he looks, then he’ll love these options! 

Solid State – Cologne, $49.95

These solid fragrances are long-lasting, pocket sized and entirely natural – composed of beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and premium fragrance oils. They’re available in a wide range of scents to suit any dad’s taste! 

Vee.p Bath & Body - Body Scrub, $24.95

It’s always nice to treat someone with something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves! Keep dad’s skin moisturised and exfoliated with a body scrub that heals dry, cracked skin, holds anti-aging properties and decreases inflammation.



If your dad is a low key (or even high key) coffee snob, then these are sure to satisfy his tastes!


W&P Design - Pour Over Press, 89.95

This 3-in-1 coffee brewer will allow your Dad to enjoy the clean flavours of pour over coffee, the robust intensity of French pressed coffee and the refreshing smoothness of cold brew, all in one. What more could he ask for?

Wacaco – Nanopresso, $119

Easy to operate, simple to use and quick to clean, this handheld espresso machine is super compact and can be taken on the go for the perfect coffee - anywhere, anytime! All you need is a source of hot water and your favourite ground coffee!



Every dad has a spirit of choice! Skip out on simply buying him a bottle this year and instead get creative! 

W&P Design - Barrel Aged Spirits Kit, $35

Containing two honeycombed, charred-oak barrel staves, a flavour meter and a cheesecloth strainer, this kit quickly ages Dad’s spirit of choice to his personally preferred sweet spot, right in the bottle!

The Original Ice Ball - Ice Ball, $14.95

Add some new dimension to your Dad’s favourite drink! The perfect sphere created by this nifty tool not only looks great in a glass but also melts up to 5 times slower than conventional ice cubes, keeping Dad’s drink colder and stronger!

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