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It's the middle of winter on the East Coast of Australia, which can only mean one thing for music lovers... SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS IS UPON USSuddenly with the rip of the tent zip, puff of a mattress and crack of a tin; crowds are whipped into a frenzy and the North Byron Parklands transform into a wonderland packed to the paddock with glitter-doused youths.

When preparing for the festival there are many important factors to consider when it comes to making fashion choices. Here are some of our festival tips to look that little bit extra and stand out!


1. A simple yet effective way to tie together any look with some co-ordinated consistency, consider the tones and textures of what you're wearing. Match your beanie to your jacket, your watch strap to your bag tone. Anything that can help bring the outfit together more will draw more attention. 


2. It could be 30 degrees and you're standing in the middle of a 10,000 strong crowd or 2 degrees when you arrive back to your frosted over tent at 4am. Be clever and make sure you are prepared for the rapid drop in temperature that the sunset will bring. There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy yourself due to the impending annoyance of your chattering teeth and quivering fingers. No one wants to be in the foetal position conserving warmth whilst Kendrick tears up the main stage.


3. Wear something you feel like a normal event wouldn't allow you to! Use the freedom to express yourself. A festival is a chance for pure fashion expression free of judgment and constraint, so don't be afraid to be bold. Step outside your comfort zone; at the same time, it's important to feel confident. If you take a style risk, do it with conviction and sass. Some bro's might throw some farmer jokes your way for wearing overalls but jokes on them if they feel the need to project their insecurity onto you. And ladies remember if she is trying to shame you for the opacity of your top or cut of your skirt she is probably quite jealous of your confidence.


4. Team up with some mates and get a group theme going on for that little bit of exaggerated effect. A pack of super marios, skin suits, super hero costumes, glow stick suits - the aesthetic only grows stronger in more numbers. Plus it makes for a fun trip to the $2 pre-festival.


5. My most important festy tip for your fashion is if you can THRIFT IT. You can find some of the most ridiculously luxe high end brands in some of the dodgiest shed-warehouse op shops for a bargain if you take the time to do some searching. This is a particularly great way to minimise cost in the lead up to save for the important things like your food & dranks. Even better - it will help to minimise your impact on the environment and you'll wind up with some awesome winter gear for next season that is tried and tested out in the field!


So go forth, glitter and glam up. Be that little bit extra & live your luxe life!!! It's the only chance you'll have all year to do it, so make the most of the opportunity to express your creativity, freedom and flare! 

- Connor and the Wintergarden Brisbane Pigeons xx


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