A Gift Guide For Every Star Sign

Posted by Caitlin XG

Not sure what to get your best friend, husband, sister, boss, neighbour or dog-walker as a gift? Fear not- all you need to know is their star sign and we will help you find the perfect gift for whoever you need to in your life. 

Think that star signs are made up and a waste of time? So does my boyfriend- but when I told him my two recommendations for his star sign (Taurus), he couldn't help but agree. That's a 100% success rate so far. No further questions. 



 ♈️ Aries ♈️

Being the trailblazers they are, our Aries friends often prefer to spend their money on extravagant and jaw dropping statement pieces, and can often neglect the need for versatile and much needed life essentials, such as; everyday sunglasses. A pair of reality sunglasses like the Sloane Ranger style in Emerald ($69) is simple enough for everyday use, but with that pop of colour and style that the Aries always craves.

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I would bet you $50 right now, that the Aries in your life is NOT the ‘mum’ of the friend group. Known for their impulsive and adventurous spirits, they’re the wild friend who you’re helping down from a tree they randomly decided to climb, or you’re walking the streets trying to find a club they haven’t been banned from yet (just kidding… kind of). This handy little book ($34.95) will help them continue their life-long streak of mayhem with 41 portable cocktails to make in a flask and drink anywhere! Because life’s more fun with a drink in hand, right?

♉️ Taurus ♉️


Your Taurus friend is probably one of the most stable ‘rocks’ in your life. Steadfast and dependable and they’re the friend everyone goes to for security. Why not tap into their love of earthly pleasures? Show them how much they mean to you with a beautiful indoor plant. A deep green plant with an interesting texture, such as the Black Velvet Alocasia ($24.95), is sure to delight. Head over to our sister site hellohouseplant.com to browse a huge range of houseplants available for delivery.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty. They’re not ashamed to enjoy the finer things in life, and love elevating the normal. This Hand Wash and Hand Cream duo by WORKS ($138) will cleanse and nourish whilst delivering the luxurious sensory experience that every Taurus craves.




♊️ Gemini ♊️

Has your Gemini friend been to New York? Paris? San Francisco? I’m sure they’ve told you at least 10 times if they have. They love any excuse to talk about themselves, so how about you give them a beautiful Sceen’ry magazine ($24) of a city they’ve been to? This way they’ll be able to whip it out as a great conversation whenever there’s a second of silence. 

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Fun and flirty, the Gemini always likes to look and feel their best for whatever life may throw at them. This range of Solid Colognes by Solid State, are wax based fragrances that are just 3.5cm x 6cm small, and with a melting point of 71 degrees celsius can be carried confidently on a warm day in any pocket. Your Gemini friend will get a lot of use out of this pocket rocket, and will always be ready for any impromptu performances. The Cruiser Fragrance ($39.95), with citrus top notes and musk base notes will make them feel half luxurious, half edgy, full man.

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♋️ Cancer ♋️

Have you recently been to your Cancer friend’s house for a dinner party? OF COURSE you have! They live for throwing their own parties for their nearest and dearest. A lover of their own home and good food, any Cancerian would love ROUND TO OURS by Laura Jackson and Alice Levine ($35) - a practical guide to setting the mood and cooking the food for every gathering. Sure to delight your favourite hostess.

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Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, and they have a deep emotional connection to the Moon's orbit (makes sense that Elon Musk is a cancer) which is why their mood seems to change as often as the tides . Some astrologers even say Cancers are physically easy to distinguish as they  have distinctively moon-like facial features. Even if the Cancer in your life is not totally into astrology, I bet they’ve got an inexplicable reverence for La Luna. This beautiful crescent ring ($29.95), available in both silver and gold, is a subtle way to keep your sensitive and nurturing friend connected with the moon.

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♌️ Leo ♌️


Leos love being a little bit extra, and they love surrounding themselves with beautiful things. My best friend James (who’s a Leo), once asked me if he should buy a $900 porcelain sculpture of a goat for his desk. Now that’s what we call huge Leo energy. Instead of a thousand dollar goat, how about choosing a real framed butterfly ($99.95) from our Bits n Bugs range for their home that they can display with pride. And here’s a pro-tip just for you, write in their card that they are ‘as beautiful as a butterfly’ and ‘one-in-a-million’. They’ll lap it up I promise you. 

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Leos. Lions. Get it? You get it. Gifting these studs and necklace as a set ($69.90) in either silver or gold is sure to wow your Lioness mate, and she’ll wear them with pride to the next event she creates around herself. 

♍️ Virgo ♍️

The Virgo is the perfectionist of the star signs, and not afraid to to work on their skills to become the best they can be. Why not help elevate their chef-game with the Rivsalt original ($49.95), the perfect gift to control salt seasoning and look fabulous in front of guests whilst doing it. 

Bonus points: Earth signs like Virgos are drawn to rocks and crystals- just like this big hunk-a-salt!

Your Virgo friend is probably one of the busiest people you know. They like to keep neat and organised to get through their day as smoothly as possible. This clever little key organiser ($44.90) reduces cluttered bags, noisy pockets, and the after-work struggle at the front door - any Virgo would be endlessly grateful for this every day type of gift!

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♎️ Libra ♎️ 


Known as the vainest of the star signs, Librans find the most joy in aesthetically pleasing and beautiful things. You can WOW the Libra in your life with one of these beautifully hand-crafted plaster car air fresheners (starting at $40). Art for the car? Any Libra will swoon!

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Libra is the only of the 12 star signs that is represented by an inanimate object - the scales. Whilst this often means they are indecisive about a lot of things in their life, it’s because they’re always searching for harmony and balance. These Blockitecture building blocks ($54.95) are a tactile way for Librans to find their perfect equilibrium (for the day).

♏️ Scorpio ♏️



Passionate and emotional, Scorpios can often worry themselves sick, and sometimes need help calming down. Let’s be honest, we all have that Scorpio friend that needs to chill the f*** out! That’s why the perfect gift for Scorpio’s is self-care essentials, such as these Test Tube Bath Salts ($11.95) from Mud + Gee is like a good ol’ shot of ‘CHILL OUT DUDE’. 

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Scorpios are often known for their alluring charm and sensuous ways. These unisex perfumes by Gallivant are inspired by a suite of international travel destinations and they are the perfect gift for your Scorpio mate - what is more sexy than perfume? The luxurious smelling Tel Aviv ($140), with top notes of Bergamot and bottom notes of Sandalwood and Tobacco feels like sun and gold jewellery on tanned skin. We can even picture our Scorpio friend embracing this scent like their walking along a beach naked, with a sense of never-ending intensity. It’s heat, it’s passion, it’s Scorpio. 

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♐️ Sagittarius ♐️


The Sagittarius is fundamentally curious, restless and independent. Chances are they probably are the friend organising weekends away. This carry-on hammock ($79) can go anywhere they do, and is the perfect addition to any campfire/ beachside/ bushwalk hang. Can you already picture your Sag friend swinging this baby up for everyone to lie in? Of course you can! They’re the best!

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The Sagittarius loves to leave their little nest. Whether it’s a weekend shacked up at a new lover’s apartment, or a 28 day adventure to a city none of their friends have even heard of - serve them your best friend realness and help your Sag stay hydrated and healthy with this insulated bamboo bottle ($44.95). Ideal for coffee, tea, fruit infuser water bottle (or even a cheeky cocktail) - this bottle will soon become part of them!

Bonus points: This bottle is aptly named Trip!

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♑️ Capricorn♑️ 


Capricorns don’t treat themselves very often, and often forget about self care. What better way to celebrate the steadfast Cap in your life, in all their glory and achievements, than with The Cleopatra’s Gold Body Oil ($39.99) by The Little Gifter Co. This luscious oil is enriched with Vitamin E and A, and is sure to leave any Capricorn queen glowing from the inside out!

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The Sea Goat Capricorn loves to work. They are always on the go, and probably need an excessive amount of coffee to get them through the million tasks they’ve set themselves. Help them hustle through their day with a spill-proof keep cup that’ll keep their coffee hot for hours. This ultra-stylish keep cup from Fressko ($39.95) is Pigeonhole’s favourite keep cup we stock! It’s scratch resistant and easy to clean. Ugh! A gift that is practical and efficient for your Cap friend? What a winner! 

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♒️ Aquarius ♒️

Of all the signs, the Aquarius is the least concerned with trends and the material things in life, which can make buying for them VERY difficult indeed. Your best gamble is getting them something that is practical so they are bound to use it, but would never buy themselves. This backpack from Noord ($139.99) is sleek and stylish, but still modest enough for the Aquarian’s wardrobe. They’ll end up using this everyday - it’s the upgrade they didn’t know they needed!

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The humanitarian of the zodiac, the Aquarian is known to always put others before themselves - friend, family, animals, the planet, everything! The plastic free hair care duo ($40) from St James Supply is the perfect gift for the Aquarius in your life, because you’ll be helping them look after themselves AND the planet!

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♓️ Pisces ♓️

Is your Pisces friend a bit airy fairy? Are they often described as ‘up in the clouds’? The gentle and artistic type, Pisceans can often be so caught up in day dreaming they lose track of the physical realm, for example their keys, wallet or phone. Does that sound like your Pisces friend in mind? Then gift them this Chipolo tracker ($49.90), available in both black and white.. This clever little bluetooth-enabled gadget can be attached to anything you want to track. Everyone loves a useful gift!



Chances are the Pisces in your life is a dreamy eyed romantic, who loves to spend time outside and potter around the garden, marvelling at the beauty of nature. This Mushroom grow kit ($34.95) will delight them time and time again, as they can grow multiple harvests of delicious oyster mushroom in their own kitchen year round! 

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