Pigeon Pick: Jericho Road Clothing

Posted by Pigeonhole Australia

Central Park's local style icon Izzy shares her Pigeon Pick this week - Jericho Road Clothing. With maybe as much personality as Izzy, Jericho Road Clothing really is a cult status brand in Australia. 



At Pigeonhole we STAN Jericho road clothing!

We’re talking high quality fabric, natural fibres, colour, adorableness.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of chatting to our friendly in-store staff about the beauty that is Jericho Road Clothing then let me introduce you.


So here is the History:

gorg sister duo from rural Queensland started their creative journey as little ladies playing arts and crafts and decorating cakes. Fast forward a few (or more) years and in early 2016 they released their first Arizona shift dress for presale. The release was a hit! And by May 2018 the brand had grown to operate our of a warehouse space with an office pooch named Ponyo.


Why I love them with my whole heart (and soul):

Ok ok ok. Besides the bright colours, unique prints, quirky attitude, small business love and long lasting quality (*takes deep breath*) IT'S SUSTAINABILITY BABY! Is there anything these women can’t do? Styles are cut close together to reduce waste and make every item unique. They use natural fibres so our beautiful fish have a home AND the quality is primo so you’ll have it in your wardrobe for years.

So one more time for the people in the back: SUSTAINABILITY BABY!


When fashion and art collide:

JCR has had the insight and eye to collaborate with a number of artists for their collections. Debra Hood, Sir Mano, and Brook Gossen are a few of the recent collaborating artists that feature in collections that we hold in-store across Pigeonhole.

Pigeonhole’s most recent JCR drop features Brook Gossen’s ‘MEANDERING’ print. The rainbow squiggle print on a modern black background, all in a breathable linen, comes in a picnic dress, pants, and boat-neck top. 

If you want to embrace a little colour while keeping both elegant and comfortable, this is the print for you!


Top Pick:

The DINO print. Oh darling I cannot at this adorableness! Get away with being the adult who never lost their inner child.

Pigeonhole features the print in a cropped singlet, high-neck dress and tshirt dress (which btw is sold out on JCR but not on Pigeonhole webstore sooo don't sleep on this!).

Written by Izzy



Well, are you a convert? Click here to shop the full range of Jericho Road Clothing at Pigeonhole!