Meet The Pigeons: Izzy

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Today we're catching up with Izzy from Central Park in Sydney. Izzy is our resident style icon and queen of the mannequins- every outfit she styles is sold in a heartbeat. She's our youngest pigeon in NSW but MAN is she a talent- she's an absolute joy to work with a lights up every customers' day with her bubbly (and sassy) personality. 


What do people call you?
Izzy, Iz, Dizzy

How long have you been a pigeon for?
Almost a year and a half now! Time has moved so quickly 

Favourite part about being a pigeon
I mean besides the stunning individuals I get to call my coworkers and friends... probably all the amazing Australian and Korean brands we get to showcase (and shop for) 

When I'm not at Pigeonhole you can find me... 
Currently trying to teach myself to skate. It's not going well. So all my skater boys and gals please come in store and give me pointers!

When I say pigeon, you say...


Favourite childhood outfit
Black velour tracksuit set with a zipper that converts the trackies to flares with hot pink silk!

Favourite fashion era 
Y2K baby! Ugly cute all the way 

Currently reading..
The subtitles while i watch Kath and Kim 

Whats your beverage of choice?
Carlton Draught on Tap

Celebrity crush and why?
Corbin Bleu in his High School Musical years

What are you most likely to be famous for?
A video of my silly dancing

I'm happiest when..


Describe one of your creative outlets?
Sewing - it's so satisfying to make something useful and unique.

What I love most about Sydney is...
That I've been living in Sydney for 10 yrs and still haven't seen everything yet!

Sydney's best kept secret is...
Shady Pines Saloon in Surry, in a lane behind Oxford St there's a dodgy looking door that takes you underground to the cosiest little bar that does a mean whisky and fresh apple juice which is only $5 at happy hour!!

Favourite Sunday activity in Sydney is....
Coffee, on the grass, in a park, under a tree, with a dog and a friend

Best place for a boogie...
My housemate's room while we get ready together



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