Sydney Spring Adventure with Maddie

Posted by Pigeonhole Australia

We have survived the winter and it is time to come out of our hibernation and enjoy the sights and smells that Spring brings (all while upholding safe social distancing practices of course!). I’ve felt inspired to rediscover local favourites and wanted to share some of them here!

Maddie’s 3 Fav Spring Activities in Sydney: 


When it’s not quite hot enough to go to the beach yet, my absolute favourite thing to do is go cafe hunting! There are endless amazing spots for brunch and I haven’t been to nearly all of them yet. When it’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and the sun is shining, I drag my boyfriend out of the house to go exploring! My favourite spots I’ve discovered so far are: Brighter Coffee (Stanmore), Morris (Paddington), One Another (Newtown), Fez & Co (Annandale), and Cherry Moon (Annandale).



WHAT TO BRING: Your Fressko Cup, to keep your (second takeaway) coffee hot on the go, your Reckon hat so you can enjoy that sunny outdoor spot squint free, and your anti-bacterial Hand Tonic from The Little Gifter Co. Don't forget your locally-made Wolf and Mishka Face Mask too!


Either BYO bicycle or hire a Lime bike to explore the back streets of Ultimo, Pyrmont, Chinatown, and Darling Harbour! I like to stop off to take in the calm waters of Blackwattle and Tumbalong Bays, or when I’ve got a little extra time, to wander through the Chinese Garden of Friendship and visit the Powerhouse Museum. Once you’ve built up an appetite, enjoy the cuisines that are famous in the area. I can’t go past the smell of fresh cream puffs from Emperor’s Garden bakery… get AT LEAST three, plus more to share!

WHAT TO BRING: your Noord Backpack stuffed with your anti-bacterial and refreshing Hand Tonic from The Little Gifter Co, and, just in case, the Gentleman's Hardware Bicycle Mini Tool. If you’re stopping into the Museum, don’t forget your Wolf and Mishka face mask too!

I love to get a ferry out to Manly and potter through the local shops and markets on the Corso. Make sure to stop for a coffee at Rollers Bakery and stroll up to Shelly Beach. You can join the sunbathing locals and have a picnic on the beach! If you want a little more action, take the North Head sanctuary walk, which is an approximately 8km loop offering lucious bushland with incredible coastal views.

WHAT TO BRING: If you’re stopping at the beach, bring your Somewhere and Co ‘Sprinkled Soiree’ picnic rug, cutlery set, and cooler bag - yes, they’re matching, of course. If you’re taking a hike, keep a refreshing drink cool in your Fressko flask. And as always, keep your refreshing Hand Tonic from The Little Gifter Co and Wolf and Mishka face mask on hand!


For more staycation inspiration check out the Sydney Sceen’ry magazine, available in stores!  ;)

- Maddie from Central Park