A Pigeon's Guide to: Reducing Your Waste

Posted by Pigeonhole Australia

Spring is here ... and what does Spring always bring back into focus for us Pigeons? Nature! However, this year in the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt and interact with nature a little bit differently. For me in a stage 4 lockdown Melbourne, I have spent more time outdoors in my own neighbourhood than ever before (hi bubble life). 

Right now, my lockdown looks like daily scoots on my bike to the local milk bar, walks along the creek at dusk and running up and down hills in nearby streets. Not so bad when I think about it like that... I guess the upside to all this is I am able to see the subtle changes in nature that are close at hand. New buds on trees on the verge of my street. The swelling of Merri Creek after heavy rains upstream. Visiting bees in my backyard. All these little observations I have been blind to before, but now have the all the time to cherish.

Unfortunately there is also some sadness that creeps into these observations … mainly how much unnecessary litter and waste there is in our streets gutters, along walking paths and in waterways. Recent upturn in community awareness around plastic waste has allowed for more conversations and opportunity for steps to reduce waste, but sometimes this doesn’t pass the eye test of seeing waste in the street. 

This potential increase in time in our own neighbourhoods and community can be a great opportunity to make multiple changes that directly impact where we live. For example, a group of neighbours on my street recently spent time over the weekend taking turns to walk along a nearby water way and filled up 10+ bags of rubbish and litter. And unsurprising the majority of this was day to day waste related to people’s consumption of food and drink. 

What can we do to possibly reduce this waste in our own neighbourhoods? A simple step is to invest a small amount of time and energy in bringing products towards us that are reusable and if possible plastic free. The big ticket items that we should all invest in to help reduce waste (in landfill and litter) are important in not only developing an awareness of the amount of waste we produce, but also in beginning to cultivate a practice of sustainability. 

Switching to reusable coffee cups, food containers and carry bags is a simple and small step towards reducing our individual waste and our broader community waste. This is one way we can have a direct impact on our understanding of how we impact the natural world around us.

- Rolly, a Melbourne Pigeon in lockdown 

Rolly's Top 5 products for 
Reducing Your Waste

Huskee are the brand behind the revolutionary cups repurposing coffee husks from cafes into reusable coffee cups for consumers. With a billion takeaway cups ending up in landfill each year, this product reduces your future waste and also gives a second life to the tonnes of waste created. 
This is the utilitarian go-to lunch bowl. A sleek and stylish upgrade on your mum’s old tupperware,, the Porter Bowl is a sturdy plastic lunch bowl that features a non-slip exterior and a rigid plastic lid with snap-tight silicone strap. Microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and able to hold up to one litre, it offers plenty of space for your favourite homemade or purchased meal and is an excellent alternative to the waste generated by takeaway food containers.
The loqi shopping bags are handy, funky and are a great way to make a statement above other reusable bags. Super lightweight and machine washable with classic designs in quality print. Useful as a shopping bag, but also an item worthy of being shown off.
These reusable wraps are perfect for your daily sandwich, for covering proofing bread, or for the million other things you might want to use plastic wrap for. These wraps are so dang cute they’re guaranteed to wipe away the years of guilt you've been feeling about using disposable plastic.
Dishwasher, hot water and freezer safe, this water bottle is a great switch out for buying disposable water bottles, which is something we all should have moved on from in one way or another. With the Memobottle and its functional shape that fits great in laptop bags or other flatpack work bags this is a great way to reduce your chances of being caught out without a water bottle.