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Synergy Oil Diffuser - Travertine
Synergy Oil Diffuser - Travertine

Addition Studio

Synergy Oil Diffuser - Travertine

Addition Studio has collaborated with In Bed to create a Special Edition of our Synergy Oil Diffuser which matches the quality & colour palette of their amazing linen sheets. We have worked closely together to create a design and stone choice that is emblematic of our brands' shared philosophy of fostering calm, relaxing and restorative spaces.

Designed with a minimal aesthetic the Travertine Synergy Oil Diffuser unit features a Copper dish and tea light holder. The Oil Diffuser is carved from a solid piece of stone. Includes Essential Oil & Australian beeswax candle. As this product is carved from natural stone each piece will be different to the one in the photo's. We love this.
D: 87 x 87 x 170mm
Colours: Travertine