MEET THE PIGEONS : Johann (aka Big Bird)

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Meet the Pigeons is a segment on our blog where you get to meet the personalities that work across the various facets of Pigeonland. Pigeonhole is only as special as the people that make up the brand, so we'll be gradually introducing all our Pigeon flock to you so make sure you check back regularly to learn more about your favourite feathered friends from your local store.

Who better then, to kick off our inaugural Meet the Pigeons, than the head pigeon and founder himself! We sat down this week with the big bird, Johann, and asked him a few questions:

What do people call you: Yo, Yoey, Yogges, Yogs, Big Bird, Pappa Pidge 

How long have you been at Pigeonhole: 10 years! Does that mean that it's about time for some long service leave?!

What part of Pigeonland do you work in: I guess you could say I work across all parts of Pigeonland but my main job these days is to travel about selecting all the products you see in the stores and to find new opportunities to open stores around the country. If you're trying to track me down, your best off checking for me at the airport as I probably spend more time there than at the office that's for sure!

Favourite Part about being a pigeon: The incredibly diverse, fun and interesting people that I get to work with around the country. Each state and each store has it's own unique flavour which I love getting to be a part of for a day or two here or there... It all culminates during Christmas party week where I get to travel the country on one giant party crawl, going from state to state, decked in fancy dress, and celebrating a great year with Pigeons near and far.

Favourite Product or Brand in store: Oooh it's hard to pick... At the moment I'm vibing pretty hard on Addition Studios - Impeccably clean design, Australian made product that looks good in your home and feels great for your soul. Their oil burners and incense gear with native Australian scents is next level. On a side note, Ryan, the founder of this brand, is just a top knotch human being... easy to love a brand created by someone you have a lot of respect for!

Favourite Pigeonhole Store: That's hard, as there have been so many good ones! One store that I really loved having however was our Shop 9 Shafto Lane store that we had from 2010 to 2015. It had a rad mural by our mate Sean Morris on the back wall and just always had such good vibes for such a small store.

Most embarrassing moment at work: When I accidentally answered the store phone one Christmas after working non stop 12 hour days saying: "Welcome to Pigeonhell... How can I help you?" Freudian slip?! haha

Favourite Fashion Era: 80s - sometimes you really just want to be a little extra ya know!

Beach or Bush: Beach for sure. For a while I lived between Bondi and Scarborough beaches watching the sunrise over the Pacific and set over the Indian Ocean. Definitely overkill, but a pretty great way to live for a season.

Colour or Monochrome: Last year it was Monochrome... this year, definitely colour. I made a new years resolution to wear colour every day this year to bring a bit more fun into my life. I've succumbed to wearing all black a few times, but for the most part, I've managed to keep the colourful thing going. It definitely helps keeps me in a positive mood and a bit less serious.

Favourite Item In your Wardrobe: Currently, it's my "Good Year" navy vintage trucker cap. This year has definitely been more full of challenges than most, so I like to wear this cap to remind me to be grateful for all the good that it's in my life despite my current circumstances.

What's your creative outlet: I get loads of scope for creativity at work... designing and opening shops has got to be one of my all time favourite things to do! Outside of work, I like to cook. I'm bogus at following recipes and don't have a favourite dish... but I tend to do a supermarket sweep of everything that's on sale that day, and then work out how to throw it all together in the kitchen. 

Spirit Animal: King Julien, the lemur King from Madagascar... "I like to move it move it!"

When I'm not at Pigeonhole you can find me: Getting spoilt at my folks place in Perth with Mrs Kim (aka Mum) cooking me up a rack of lamb for breakfast! 

Something that not many people know about me: I don't drink coffee. It's ironic because I actually owned a cafe in Perth for a few years called Cabin Fever which was right nextdoor to my first Pigeonhole store, but I never had a sip of the coffee there! I only ever worked one shift in my cafe and I was so bad at taking orders that the manager had to apologise to customers and tell them that I was the new guy before exiling me back into the kitchen to make salad!

Something I can't live without: My nieces and nephew. They are undoubtedly the best humans I know!

In 10 years time you'll find me: Hopefully celebrating Pigeonhole's 20th anniversary on a giant super yacht sailing off into the sunset watching dolphins play whilst dancing flash mob style to the Bee Gees with a star studded cast of Pigeons past and present.

When I say Pigeon, you say: fam bam!

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