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If you've been playing along at home, you'll know by now that jewellery is what sparked the initial flames of what we now know and love as PIGEONHOLE. Almost 11 years on, jewellery remains a key element of the blood that keeps our pigeon heart pumping! We’re always impressed by the ways in which our stores are able to present the same range of gorgeous pieces in such distinctively individual displays that carry their own unique spin on the spirit of PIGEONHOLE. This week we have decided to put those skills to the ultimate test with a JEWELLERY TABLE SHOWDOWN!

Given free creative rein, the stores were asked to give their jewellery tables a full make-over and submit photos of their complete projects to be judged by their customers! Let’s take a look at how they went!


Fremantle, WA

We have such an eclectic range of jewellery, so we wanted to showcase that in our display. The black tiles we've displayed our range on really emphasise the beautiful colours in our fun statement pieces, while working also to show off our more delicate silver and gold range on the flip side of the table. 



Murray Street, WA

We wanted to make the jewellery table flow with the greenhouse vibe we have going on in-store at Murray Street. We incorporated darker tiles and bricks to make the jewels shine brightly and the colour pop. We also suspended more greenery directly above the jewellery to get that greenery aesthetic flowing.



Melbourne, VIC

New Display to be Created + $60 to spend + Unlimited Creativity = Arts and Crafts Ahoy!! Creating artwork based on PIGEONHOLE colours, we wanted to have fun and use our artwork as a backdrop. WE NEED TO WIN to convince Big Bird to allow us to paint more canvases for the rest of the displays...and maybe get our beautiful customers to help create some in-store painting stations!



Central Park, NSW

At Central Park, we wanted a jewellery display that’s aesthetic and also functional.  We thought about how our customers like to shop, and how our team can best help with style advice, while keeping all of our jewellery restocked, and looking lush. This was all about our customers, our team, and showing off our favourite part of Pigeonhole. We placed our jewellery on black marble, because #style (shhh, our secret is that we bought marble contact and covered tiles we already had #highfashioncraft) Now our statement pieces and fashion-forward designs can speak for themselves against a backdrop that both showcases, and compliments them. We’ve also merchandised our jewellery into silver, gold, and colour-blocked styles, which makes for super easy styling. Our customers know what they’re after, and we’re here to make it stress-free for them. The Central Park Pigeons also individually strung fine necklaces against a blackboard to separate each design from one another. Before this our necklaces would get tangled, and designs would get lost, or fall down, never to be seen by our customer's eyes! But jewellery chaos begone! Our fine necklaces are now easy to try on and play with, plus the pendants and tags are easily seen. We can’t wait to meet you in store to have a play with all of our gorgeous pieces!



Enex, WA

The Enex jewellery table is the heart and soul of our store! There's always something new to discover; a bold statement earring, a dainty and timeless necklace or a stunning natural stone ring. We're really vibing the autumnal colours of the surrounding parklands and decided to bring Kings Park and The Supreme Court Gardens that are just a short stroll away into our store. Come and have a forage through our jewellery forest! 



Wintergarden, QLD

We really wanted to achieve a visual effect that imitates the functional lines and shadowing landscapes of a modern cityscape. By sourcing raw manufacturing materials we mimicked modern building textures and committed to a feeling of looming shapes that frame the collection with poise. With this concept, we feel the intricately small, infinitely cute jewellery pieces contrast the looming & bold aspects of the display design with great emphasis. If you build it, they will come.



Claremont, WA

At the Claremont store pink and green are themes throughout, so we have chosen to use those colours on our jewellery table - with the pink bricks and green plants adding an extra pop. We have put some statement styles against black and white tiles, to help them stand out against the colours. We love the juxtaposition of rough heavy bricks against the dainty jewellery and are constantly adjusting our display to reflect new styles and trends. We hope you love it too!



Surry Hills, NSW

Our beautiful jewellery has the ability to take us from feeling like blank canvases to being our own, unique work of art, so that's what artist Fa Lee, who also doubles as our Surry Hills Assistant Manager, has captured in our design. We hope you'll love brightening up your outfit with these original designs just like they brighten up our canvas - which is why we have chosen this as the centre piece of our design.


Well, what do you think? Do you have a favourite?

CLICK HERE to have your vote on the winning table! 

To thank our voters for participating in the fun, we are also giving away THREE PIECES of PIGEONHOLE jewellery to a voter from each store! All you have to do is tag a friend in the comments of the photo you voted for, asking them to vote too!

The winning store will be hosting an exclusive promotion for their customers, starting next weekend! Watch this space for that special announcement… ;)



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