Pigeon Pick: WØRKS

Posted by Pigeonhole Australia

This week, we can't stop thinking about Australia-Danish brand WØRKS!

We’re ecstatic to be introducing this beautiful and sustainable brand into the Pigeonhole family. Think aesthetics meets ethics meets scents so good they'll transport you all over the world. 

The Who, What, When + Where:

Suze Raymond and Christoffer Kjaegard are a couple living in Melbourne, Australia who decided there was a gap in the market where design-led products weren’t paying enough attention to environmental ethics. With sustainability and luxury in mind they got about developing personal care formulations with certified organic ingredients. Throw in the creation of the brands signature scents and collaboration with designer Martin Parsgard Ibsen and the world was introduced to WØRKS in 2018.  

By 2019 the brand had caught the attention of Vogue Living and was listed in their Christmas Gift Guide for the year. 

Why we love WØRKS:

Vegan, biodegradable, pH balances, free from palm oil and microbeads, sustainable glass vessels, chic modern design, need I say more…

Our favourites:

"The Cardamom Coffee Scrub makes me quit my job, travel the world, write in my journal for 6 hours a day and fall in love with a man who doesn't speak English. Not only is the scent something to write home about, but it works too! I've found the product to be really productive to skin firming, and it has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin- I feel like I'm glowing!” – Pigeon Caitlin


“Talk about instant calm and serenity. I dare you to find something else that can instantly take me to the middle of a rainforest while simultaneously making me feel like I live in a modern luxe penthouse. The beautiful olive glass paired with the dark wooden lid is also such a beautiful addition to my dressing table- something to be displayed with pride.” – Pigeon Izzy 


Now offered as the sanitiser of choice at all Pigeonhole stores and offices. The sanitising hand gel has literally given life back to our dry retail hands while also smelling of tangelo, rosemary and cedar instead of that cheap bottle of vodka you can’t go back to since your 18th birthday.

This product also comes in a 250ml or 500ml size.

Are you curious? Explore the full range of products here. If you're buying these for for a friend, don't forget to select complimentary gift wrapping at the checkout.